5 Outfit Ideas To Rock The Summer Vibe

Has summer caught you without elevating outfit ideas? Or simply want to try a look that is not that common to your style? Check out my list of 5 summer looks that might inspire you in the processing of dressing-up yourself for the day.

How To Stay Stylish During Summer

1. Wear your gauzy summer dress 

Do you feel like expressing an extra pound of femininity today? This is your flimsy dress’ time to show its potential. Not only it would make you look like a hovering fairy but also help ventilate your body in those unbreathable summer days. These sorts of dresses prove to be versatile and wearable in numerous situations. My tip is to make sure you match them with the proper footwear. Thus, if your activity is pretty casual, you can go for ballet flats or lace up wedges. The latter is my go-to footwear on a daily basis. I personally love that they are both comfortable and compliment the ankles.

2. Keep it baggy and comfy  

Some days are just meant for chilling, and nothing seems more convenient than a jumpsuit and a pair of sneakers. However, I indulge in exploring more challenging alternatives to the classic sporty look. For instance, when it comes to loose pants, I usually put on a pair of denim jeans that are large enough to not suffocate my feet and still express a dim sense of style. To match the summer look, I would potentially choose a very loose crop top and a pair of white sneakers to balance the outfit.

3. Try a head-to-toe white look  

An all-white outfit is a very challenging alternative, yet if chosen well, the result is mesmerizing. I love white mainly because it expresses delicacy and freshness. For a casual look with a twist, you could try mixing different white textures. For instance, a silk white shirt, with a pair of white denim, and some shoes of your liking would look both stylish and clean.

4. Go expensive

Whether you need to dress to impress or want a memorable look for an important event, there are a few ways to enhance your elegance and display a fashionable outfit. When I want to create an expensive-looking image, I usually use acrylic paint and follow some basic rules, (1) the items are freshly pressed, (2) make sure the outfit is tailored to my constitution, (3) lean towards a tonal look with very few colors. Also, if you are someone who enjoys wearing accessories, I recommend you to not display many colors, but rather choose gold which expresses elegance.

5. Sway an edgy look 

If you woke up feeling experimental, daring to create an unconventional look might nourish your craving for something different. Although layering is not the best option for a scorching summer day, there are a few hacks to try with your next outfit. Choose an item with distinctive details, fun cutouts, or unique draping and then match it with an edgy, statement bag, or shoes.