eggnsbenny-updated 9/19/16


Fritters 10
Ricotta donuts made to order with creme fraiche whipped cream and chocolate sauce

Mixed Green Salad 10
Sherry vinaigrette, pickled shallots

Uovo in Purgatorio 13
Eggs, tomato, fontina, garlic, grilled bread

Dutch Baby Pancake 12
Maple creme fraiche, seasonal fruit, maple syrup

Eggs Benedict – Corvo Style 15
Braised pork belly, poached eggs, hollandaise, English muffin, salad greens

American Breakfast 11
Three eggs, potatoes, grilled bread

Panade 12
Savory bread pudding with seasonal vegetables, egg, bread, goat cheese, parmesan

Pork Belly Hash 13
Brussles sprouts, potatoes, salsa verde, poached egg

Wild Mushrooms over Polenta 13
with braised greens
-add poached egg 1.5


served with house cut fries or mixed greens

Royale with Cheese  13
Quarter pound hamburger, organic Amish cheddar, tomato, red onion, pickles
-add bacon 1.5 -add extra patty 3

Tagliatelle al Ragu  17
Beef, veal, and pork ragu. Parmesan

Spaghetti Carbonara 15
pancetta, egg, parmigiano

Macaroni & Cheese 12
Bechamel, cheddar, parmesan
Bacon 5
Crispy Potatoes 5
Creamy Polenta 6

Grilled Bread 3

Espresso 2.5 Double 3.5
Macchiato 3
Americano 3.5
Cappuccino 4
Latte 4
(espresso drinks
iced on request)
Tea 3.5